To wear or not to wear… that is the question… Do not ponder this much! Take the plunge, no matter what hair colour, length, volume you have… you can look like a superstar by adding our extensions.

Here are our top 5 reasons to wear hair extensions…

1. Length

Perhaps you do not have the patience to grow your hair but love the look… perhaps you do not have enough healthy hair to grow it, being patient is just not you. Grab suitable matching extensions and voila! Its super simple&hellip.

2. Volume

You may be suffering from thinning or undernourished hair and have lost that WOW factor. Fear not as our extensions are the perfect, easy fix. Made of natural hair it blends in to volumize your hair anytime, anywhere.

3. Hair Cut Regret

Have you every cut your hair too short only to not like it? Lots of us have! We want to help you get back the hair you need for your comfort or get the style you truly desired. Perhaps you like different styles and lengths at different times, you can have several hair cuts all at once if you have your ammunition of our hair extensions handy!

4. Special Occasions

Ever wanted to add that extra bit of flavour to your hair for say a birthday, your wedding day or any other special occasion… maybe even if you’re just feeling yourself. Here’s one way to get a special look, choose your ideal extension and order with us today! Lush Hair is here to make sure you get that #hairgoals

5. Easy To Use

With several styles and models, you only need a few minutes to look like you’re fresh out of the salon. At Lush Hair, we understand that in such a busy and competitive world not everyone has the privilege of spending hours daily on our hair, we need simple yet effective solutions. We have clip ons, weave ons, work ins… you can still be a time saver / time creator and show up with an amazing head of hair! This is one of the very reasons our Founder was so driven to create Lush Hair